Betty's Story

One of our personal and professional goals at ERAS is to always attempt to make the best decisions, short term and long term, for every animal, regardless of species or breed, that finds its way into our care. Sometimes, those decisions are easy and have happy endings. Others, are not so easy, heart wrenching and just plain hard. 


Betty entered the care of East Ridge Animal Services after being hit by a car on John Ross Road.  It’s a busy road and Betty wasn’t very street  smart.  She had no obvious signs of injury except she couldn’t use her hind legs.  She didn’t appear to be in a great deal of pain.  She was transported to an area emergency vet.  They determined that her right hip was out of socket.  They attempted to set it, but it wouldn’t stay in place.  Betty would need an expensive surgery to repair it.  We scheduled that with our veterinarian. 


She was transported a few days later for her hip surgery.  They questioned us about her mobility. Betty wasn't walking on her left leg as would be expected. She got around, by dragging her legs behind her. Upon further review of her X-rays, they found some neurological concerns. Several of her vertebrae were compressed causing her little to no pain sensation in either leg. She had a small amount in her tail. More surgery, more difficult surgery and more expensive surgery would have been required. 

The better part of that afternoon was spent on the phone, speaking to a neurosurgeon to determine what was best for Betty. The prognosis was grim. Betty's chances of ever walking again, running in a field or even using the bathroom without assistance was, at best, under 30% with no guarantees. 

No one cared enough about her to claim her or even show concern that she was injured and at the shelter. No one cared enough to make sure she was spayed so she didn't have to carry and birth litter of puppies after litter. No one cared enough to have her on heartworm preventative to keep her healthy. No one cared, until now! The outpouring of love and support from the followers of ERAS's Facebook page and the Friends of ERAS page loved Betty and so do we!

We had to make the difficult decision to let Betty run free. Free of pain and discomfort. Free of heartworms and being a puppy making machine. Betty was loved and respected and cared about, possibly, for the first time ever.   She is now running free knowing love!

We made a promise and committed ourselves and to Betty that every dog and cat in our area will have someone who cares.  If no one else does, we do!  If you have a dog that you allow “out for a little run,” STOP!  If you have a dog that “just escapes every once in a while,” STOP!  If you have a fence that you know isn’t safe for your dog, fix it!  If your dog isn’t spayed or neutered, ask us how we can help.  If your dog isn’t on heartworm preventative, ask us about low cost options.  Care enough about your dog to keep it safe, healthy and loved. 

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