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Alternatives to Surrender

If you are planning to surrender your animal to a shelter because of behavioral issues, housing issues, veterinary care, etc. please reconsider.  Below are some options to assist you and we are always here to help!



Ask around to your family, friends, co-workers, etc. to see if anyone is looking to add a new pet.  You can also take advantage of free resources such as social media!  The shelter should be a last resort for your pet!


Pet Behavior Assistance:

For help with behavioral issues, contact ERAS at 423-664-0271.  We can assist with some bad behaviors and refer to a few trained professionals in our area for the behaviors with which we can not help!

Pet-Friendly Housing:         

If you are  moving and having a difficult time finding pet friendly housing, call the shelter for a list of local pet-friendly options!

Low-Cost Spay/ Neuter and Vaccinations:

You can contact the shelter at 423-664-0271 to discuss spay/ neuter and vaccination options or Chattaneuter at 423-531-7729,


Financial Burdens:

If you having a difficult time providing food for your pet, you may contact the shelter at 423-664-0271.  We can not provide a long-term solution but may be able to assist for the short-term.  You may also contact 4 Paws Pantry at 423-475-6342. 


Trap-Neuter-Return for Feral Cats:

If you have feral (unsocialized) cats in your neighborhood, contact us for information about TNR.  ERAS can also assist you with trap rentals and free spay/ neuter and rabies vaccination services for feral cats.  Call 423-664-0271

The Decision

Making the decision to surrender your pet is never an easy one.  You may be moving to a home or an apartment that doesn’t allow pets.  You may be entering a time in your life that a pet doesn’t fit well.  You may have recently had a change in finances.  You may be going through a life altering illness or difficult time in your life. 


Surrendering your pet to a shelter may feel like the only option you have for your pet.  A shelter should be and can be your last option!  If you must re-home your pet, below are a list of area dog rescues that work with ERAS and can work with you on a plan to re-home your pet. 


Small Dog Rescues:

A Paw and A Prayer:(423) 718-0939


Trooper’s Treasures: (423)596-9973


Cat Rescue:

Meow Meow: (201) 403-1036


McCracken Kitty Kat Rescue:

Tiggertown: (423) 680-1225


Pitbull Specific Resources:

Pit Happens Rescue, Inc.- Contact via Facebook


Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue (Memphis)

You can also try:

Pet Placement Center: (423) 877-0738

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