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Do You Know Where I Live?


If you have any information about where these animals belong, please call the shelter or use the contact section on the homepage.

*We do not post or accept any missing or found animal from Chattanooga, Hamilton County or Georgia. Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance finding the correct organization.*

Pet Friendly Housing in East Ridge

East Ridge Village


Pet Friendly- No Breed restrictions

                      No Weight limit           

                       $200 deposit for 1st pet (additional $100 for 2nd pet)


Park Ridge Apartments


Pet Friendly- No Restrictions

                      No Weight limit    

                      $250 under 25lb plus additional pet rent monthly of $10 (additional security deposit of $150)

                      $300 over 50lb plus additional pet rent monthly of $10

                      $350 over 100lb plus additional pet rent monthly of $15


Lomenacque Apartments


Pet Friendly- No Dangerous ( Chows, Pitbull, Doberman)

                      Weight limit of 45lb

                       $300-$500 deposit

                       2 pet limit


Spring Creek Gardens Apartment


Pet Friendly- No Breed Restrictions ( must have meet and greet)

                      Weight limit up to 30lb

                       $200 deposit for 1st pet

                       $100 deposit for 2nd pet


Dogwood Place Apartments


Pet Friendly- Cats only deposit $300


Royal Arms Apartments


Pet Friendly- No Restrictions (must have a meet and greet with approval)

                      No Weight limit       

                      $200 deposit for 1st pet

                      $100 deposit for 2nd pet


The Belvoir


Pet Friendly- No aggressive Breeds (Doberman, Pitbulls, Chows)

                      2 pet limit

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