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Do You Know Where I Live?


If you have any information about where these animals belong, please call the shelter or use the contact section on the homepage.

*We do not post or accept any missing or found animal from Chattanooga, Hamilton County or Georgia. Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance finding the correct organization.*

Meet the Team

East Ridge Animal Services is comprised of the Animal Services Supervisor, two certified Animal Control Officers, the Customer Service Specialist, and volunteers. 

Jennifer Massengale.jpg

Jennifer Massengale 
Animal Services Supervisor 

Susan Payne 
Animal Control Officer

Michelle Hobbs
Animal Control Officer 

Ashleigh Vaughn 

Animal Control Officer

About Us 

East Ridge Animal Services adopted the "No Kill Equation" as the operational policy in February 2013. No healthy, treatable, adoptable animals in our custody are euthanized. 

We are a "No Kill" shelter. 


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