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What to do if you have lost a pet:

SEARCH! Look all around your neighborhood. When lost and scared, animals will find places to hide and may come out later in the evening or when the temperature is more comfortable. Ask your neighbors if they have seen your pet and get their permission to search their property. You may also try to call out to your pet, squeak/crinkle their favorite toy or shake their favorite treat/food. 


Spread the Word!  Make flyers, post on social media and make reports with surrounding animal shelters. Flyers should be easy to read with only important details regarding your pet. Include information such as: your contact information, a clear photo of the pet, a description of the pet (breed, size, sex, age, collar, chipped and noticeable features), and where the pet was lost. There also many sites online for you to post this information. 

What to do if you have found a pet:

Contact the appropriate shelter: If you have found the pet in the City of East Ridge, you are more than welcome to bring the pet to the animal shelter for assistance in finding the owner. If you have found the pet in another area, please contact the agency that services that area. 

  • City of Chattanooga-McKamey Animal Center (423) 305-6500

  • Hamilton County- Humane Educational Society (423) 624-5302

  • Catoosa County (Ga)- Catoosa County Animal Shelter (706) 935-2454

  • Walker County (Ga)- Walker County Animal Shelter (706-375-2100

Report a Lost or Found Pet

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