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Volunteer Opportunities 

East Ridge Animal Services welcomes anyone interested in volunteering at the shelter to contact us during business hours to set up arrangements. Volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Volunteers 16 and older must provide their own form of transportation to volunteer. 

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Dog of the Week 

Volunteers for East Ridge Animal Shelter's dog of the week will be responsible for featuring this dog throughout the City of East Ridge on Saturdays. Volunteers will be allowed to take him/her out to different pet friendly venues to promote their adoption. 


Feline Friends

Feline Friends are needed! Volunteers in this position will be responsible for cuddling and cleaning in the Purr Palace. The Purr Palace houses the cats and kittens who are currently in the care of East Ridge Animal Services. Becoming a Feline Friend is extremely rewarding to you and helpful to the staff at East Ridge Animal Shelter. 

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Pup Strutter

Pup Strutters are needed! Volunteers in this position will walk dogs. This allows dogs at East Ridge Animal Shelter an opportunity to get out of their kennels. Pup Strutters are responsible for taking the shelter dogs on a walk to enjoy the sunshine, socialize, and exercise. 

Petco Pals

East Ridge Animal Services partners with PETCO in Fort Oglethorpe for our cat and kitten adoptions. Volunteers in this position will be required to clean kiosks after the adoption event is over. AM cleaners will begin their shift before noon. PM cleaners will begin their shift after 6pm. 

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